Speaking at the “Green Wave in the Western Balkans” gathering, which was held in the European Parliament, Radomir Lazović said that Serbia has been without a parliament for three months and that Aleksandar Vučić’s policy is the biggest obstacle to Serbia’s European integration, but more importantly, it is an obstacle to quality life of Serbian citizens, the rule of law or a healthy environment.

The time has come for the region of the Western Balkans to be ruled by relations of cooperation and respect for the countries that make it up, that is, joint work on solving similar problems that we have. From air pollution that knows no borders, through the fight against corruption and crime, to the reduction of economic inequalities and the improvement of citizens’ lives, which is far from the European level” – said Lazović and added that the European Union is not an ideal community, it has many of its own problems, but for the citizens of Serbia, membership is a strategic direction in the interests of the citizens.

MPs and councilors of the movement Ne davimo Beograd met in Brussels with representatives of the European Green Party and exchanged work experiences. Movements, parties and organizations close to the Greens have achieved significant results in the region, and this inspires hope that new people who are not steeped in affairs and who will make decisions in the interests of citizens will make decisions in our societies. Ne davimo Beograd will contribute to the fight to make Serbia a good place to live.

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