We call for responsibility and restraint in solving the crisis in the north of Kosovo, in the Banjska monastery, so that the conflict does not escalate or lead to a new tragedy. We condemn provocations and violence from any side, and demand a thorough investigation.

We condemn the intrusion of armed and masked people into the Banjska monastery, as well as all provocations and all violence, from whichever side it comes from. We appeal to the restraint of the Kosovo police and the Kosovo authorities, as well as the citizens in the north of Kosovo, so that the crisis can be resolved with as few victims as possible. Peace has no alternative.

Instead of inflammatory statements and nationalist demagogy that have never contributed to anything good in the Balkans, we demand a thorough and credible investigation into all the circumstances that led to the death of the Kosovo police serviceman, and wounding of his colleague. We express condolences to the family of the killed Kosovo police serviceman.

We call for a return to negotiations that have concrete frameworks and topics, and contribute to calming tensions and making life easier in the north of Kosovo. Attacks on the Kosovo police, burning houses of returning Serbs in Kosovo, or random arrests of Serbs will not contribute to a peaceful life, or solving the problems of ordinary people. Life with barricades, tensions, blockade of trade, abolition of freedom of movement, police repression, absence of order and legality, does not represent a life worthy of people in the heart of Europe in the 21st century.

To normalize life, we ask that the authorities in Belgrade and Pristina urgently reach an agreement on the sequence of steps in the implementation of the Ohrid Agreement.

We call on the Government of Kosovo to urgently publish the draft Statute of the Community of Serb Municipalities, in order to start a public debate on that text and the adoption of the Statute by which the Community would receive functional self-government, as well as its immediate establishment.

We call for consideration of the establishment of temporary self-government bodies that will prepare free and democratic elections, and the establishment of legitimate local government in Serbian areas in the north of Kosovo. It is clear that the increasingly intense militarization of the Kosovo police, whose members do not come from the Serbian community, nor have good relations with the community in which they are supposed to maintain order and peace, is a recipe for disaster. Such a situation is unsustainable.


We also call for a renewed agreement on the functioning of regional organizations that would effectively protect and monitor the implementation of regional agreements, and prepare the region for accession to the European Union by 2030.

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