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Don’t Let Belgrade D(r)own (Ne da(vi)mo Beograd) is a local political movement that is gathering large numbers of people interested in improving the living and working conditions of all our citizens; improving, conserving, and lawfully using common and natural resources, building democratic institutions, sustainable urban development, urban and cultural policies and incorporating citizens into the development of their environment. The movement grew out of a series of mass protests against the theft of the Sava Amphitheater and the phantom demolition of buildings on Hercegovacka Street for the purposes of the Belgrade Waterfront project.

Don’t Let Belgrade D(r)own starts from the position that citizens’ life issues are key political issues in our society. Do we have a job and if we have one, are we adequately paid for it? When we get sick, is there anyone to treat us? Can we be educated? Is there room for every child in the kindergartens? How long do we wait for the bus and can we get to work in a reasonable amount of time? Are our cultural, historical and natural monuments for the profit of the privileged elite or for all our citizens to enjoy? As well as whether our laws apply equally to all citizens regardless of religious, national, political, economic or sexual affiliation?

In the past four years, the Don’t Let Belgrade D(r)own initiative has fought for the public interest of citizens with all available means: protests, actions, prevention of evictions, analysis of strategies, contracts or new laws and regulations, lawsuits and denunciations, conversations in local communities and on the streets, criminal and misdemeanor charges, concerts, exhibitions … Since its inception, the Don’t Let Belgrade D(r)own initiative has been under constant pressure from the authoritarian regime, our activists have been monitored, phones tapped, and work obstructed by a large number of court processes.

In March 2018, we decided to open a new front and we ran for the Belgrade City Assembly elections. With the enormous energy that a large number of people invested during the campaign to bring our fight from the streets to the city parliament, we ended the election race for individual political actors in fifth place, winning 3.44% or 28,500 votes. Although this was not enough for us to participate in the work of the city parliament, the great confidence shown by citizens is the foundation for continuing the fight in this field as well.

Nationally, the initiative is part of the Civic Front along with 7 other authentic local movements. This association brings together in the Front similar local movements animated by the ideas of solidarity, equality, social security and tolerance for the removal of authoritarian rule, the democratization of society, the fight against poverty, and the preservation of public and natural assets.

Internationally, the Don’t Let Belgrade D(r)own initiative is part of a growing wave of local municipalist movements. The Don’t Let Belgrade D(r)own election list was supported by many European movements and over 80 progressive intellectuals across Europe, including Barcelona Mayor Ada Colau, Berlin Deputy Mayor Ramona Pop, Yanis Varoufakis of the Diem25 movement, and Ska Keller of the European Greens / European Free political group alliance in the European Parliament. As a result of its international reputation and support, in June 2019, a major international conference, Fearless Cities, was held in Belgrade, bringing together representatives of over 60 local municipal movements from cities across Europe.

In the immediate future the Don’t Let Belgrade D(r)own initiative will develop its internal functioning in order to, as best it can, demonstrate by its example the standards of democratic and transparent action it demands of both the state administration and state institutions. Also, the structure of the movement is expanding with the formation of municipal committees that will bring policy closer to citizens and involve them more directly in the work of the initiative and in making decisions about the environment in which they live.

Change comes from below and the battle for OUR CITY continues.

Whose city?


In order to continue filing numerous lawsuits for fraud and harmful contracts, organizing street actions and protests, as well as other forms of civil and political fight for our city, you can support initiative Ne davimo Beograd:

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Check out some texts in English about us, and by our members:

The Regime wants to Sneak Tectonic Constitutional Changes by without Debate

17. 01. 2022.|

The proposed Law on Referenda and People's Initiative was entered into parliamentary procedure without adequate public debate, and the government intends to propose changes to the Constitution immediately after its adoption. This way of changing the Constitution could help Aleksandar Vučić increase the number of times he could serve as President of Serbia in the near future, but also paves the way for manipulations with harmful projects such as Rio Tinto. In addition, the expert public warns that referenda on such solutions will make abuse of power easier on various fronts.

Serbia Must not be a Slave-Labour Country

17. 01. 2022.|

Representatives of the the Don’t Let Belgrade Drown Movement and the political platform Solidarity requested that the Ministries of Labor and Interior and the Prosecutor's Office immediately investigate the treatment of workers and indications of human trafficking at the Linglong factory in Zrenjanin reported by media outlets and civil society organizations.

Trial in Milenijum Tim’s Lawsuit against Don’t Let Belgrade Drown Begins

17. 01. 2022.|

According to the lawsuit, Don’t Let Belgrade Drown caused material damage to Milenijum Team by reducing the value of the company's trademark in the amount of 100 thousand euros, which is the amount the company is seeking in damages. The immediate reason for these claims by the company contracted to build Belgrade Waterfront, and numerous other state projects, is the publication of a text on changing the urban plan which allows this company to demolish the Goša Research and Development Institute and build a residential and business complex on the site.

Important news from Serbia: Protests and para-police brutality

30. 11. 2021.|

Expropriation law, lithium mining, referendum law, and the corrupted state of violence have been the main topics lately in Serbia. Thousands of people protested in smaller and bigger places around the country on 27th of November. Violence in the cities of Novi Sad and Zrenjanin escalated, while those in Šabac were confronted not only by policemen’s batons but also sticks, baggers, and even attacked by hammers. The violent hooligans have been proclaimed as ,,citizens… who continued their journey to Belgrade…(for) celebration of the anniversary of the founding of the SNS (Serbian Progressive Party)’’ by pro-government media.

Charter for a GOOD CITY

01. 11. 2021.|

Charter for a GOOD CITY! This is an invitation to support Ne davimo Beograd movement in the fight to make Belgrade ours, make it free and GOOD!