The movement Ne davimo Beograd believes that Serbia should harmonize its foreign policy with the European Union, otherwise, our country is on the way to losing its most important strategic partner. We call on the government to clearly state whether Serbia has already given up on the European Union and to explain to the citizens the consequences of this decision.

There are increasingly strong signals coming from the governments and parliaments of the member states of the European Union, as well as the European Parliament, which openly consider and propose the introduction of restrictive measures towards Serbia.

Accession negotiations have been effectively blocked because it is already clear that there will be no opening of new clusters nor negotiation chapters, and no preliminary closing of already opened ones. On top of that, there are growing voices in support of the suspension of the European Union’s development grants to Serbia, and soon there is a threat of the re-introduction of visas for the travel of Serbian citizens to the Schengen countries. In certain Brussels circles, the suspension of the Stabilization and Association Agreement is also being considered.

The latest in a series of calls for restrictive measures in Serbia is the resolution of the Dutch Parliament, which was supported by both the government and the opposition. They are asking for the suspension of the visa-free regime for citizens of Serbia for travel to the Schengen countries and the freezing of accession negotiations. There is no clearer warning to all hotheads in power, but also to citizens, that Serbia is becoming more and more isolated, that the situation is slowly getting out of control, and that 10 years after the return of disguised radicals to power, Serbia is returning to isolation from its closest neighbors and the continent in which it lives, with which trades, and on whom it depends economically.

The Ne davimo Beograd movement believes that Serbia should not change its main strategic partner, and that in addition to harmonizing foreign policy with the EU, we should also insist on achieving European standards in areas such as respect for the law, freedom of the media and the fight against corruption.

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