Citizens of Belgrade and other major cities said NO to the regime of the Serbian Progressive Party in a referendum and rejected harmful changes to the Constitution.

Belgrade, Novi Sad, Niš and other cities have shown that they do not agree to new progressive manipulations and the destruction of democracy in our society.

The referendum was organized in a scandalous manner from the beginning, without a public debate and with numerous irregularities. Due to the harmful law on the Referendum, there were practically no controls. This has left huge opportunities for abuse.

Despite that, the results showed that there is a great possibility for a change of government in the April elections, when we have to seriously organize and defend every vote.

The greatest chance of victory exists in Belgrade, and it could be the first step towards a change of government in Serbia.

That is why it is important that we all apply for election controllers and join the team of Ne Davimo Beograd in order to defend every vote.

It’s time to win!

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