Don’t Let Belgrade D(r)own held its first electoral Assembly on Belgrade Liberation Day, during which the plan for the improvement of Belgrade was presented. New leadership was also elected, tasked with developing the movement’s inner structure and expanding the membership, which has doubled this year alone.

There is a high chance that the upcoming city elections in 2022 would be decisive to begin the overthrow of the criminal regime of Aleksandar Vučić in the country. Therefore, Don’t Let Belgrade D(r)own will immediately start gathering citizens ready for the fight ahead of us. It is of paramount importance to include many people for the pre-election campaign and election observation due to catastrophic electoral conditions.  The opposition could win in the city elections; however, it will require hard work and overcoming both the election fraud and media blackout.

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The Criteria for cooperation with other political organizations were also adopted during the Assembly. The Civil front alliance will stay the main focus of collaboration. Partnerships with other organizations outside of this alliance will only be possible if the programs are compatible, barring they worked against the public interest in the past.

Additionally, the newly elected leadership stated that insistence on one coalition list for the elections is counterproductive as it deters voters due to dubious alliances. With the coordination on specific issues such as monitoring the elections, free media, and nonviolence, this approach can lead to higher voter turnout and their involvement in the campaigning process.

Check out the atmosphere from Annual Assembly 2020 in this short video: The Liberation of Belgrade begins [english sub]

Croatian philosopher Srećko Horvat, a member of the Council of the Progressive International (a network of progressive, green, and left-wing organizations around the world) gave an opening word at the Assembly, followed by Thomas Waitz, chairman of the European Green Party and the member of the European parliament in charge of developing potential members of European Greens.

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The membership elected Natalija Simović, Dobrica Veselinović, Radomir Lazović, Robert Kozma, and Biljana Đorđević for the Small committee, the main political body of the organization, during the Assembly. The new coordinator of the Political Council is prof. Dr. Đorđe Pavićević, with new members to the Monitoring and Ethics Committee, also having been elected.

More about our new leadership on this link.

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