Pešački most će ubiti Veliko ratno ostrvo

07. 09. 2020.|

Veliko i malo ratno ostrvo predstavljaju zeleni most između dva istorijska centra grada. Dva jedinstvena ostrva na ušću velikih reka predstavljaju deo istorijske vizure Zemuna i Beograda, Gardoša i Beogradske tvrđave.

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Pressures on Ne davimo Beograd and independent media in Serbia

The construction company Millennium Team is suing Ne davimo, asking for almost 100,000 € for material damages. These are supposedly caused by our publishing of a text on changes to the Belgrade urban plan. This change allows Millennium Team to demolish the Goša Institute for research and development and build a residential-business complex on the lot.

Robert Kozma for VOA: Election conditions still need to be improved

“We participate in these discussions because Serbia has an undemocratic regime. Unfortunately, the ruling government has transformed some form of democratic elections that had existed into an undemocratic hybrid regime. This has been assessed in several recent reports, such as Freedom House’s or the European Parliament’s. This is why we have these discussions, and not because we are asking for some political concessions. No, we only ask that citizens’ rights be respected”, Kozma said.

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